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Capsida.Net company specializes in server-based solutions, built upon Linux and FreeBSD, for small-scale, medium and corporate business. The Company offers a row of good turns connected with network services, administration, protection of servers, consulting and teaching Linux and FreeBSD. Our aim is to help customers with most effective solutions. We do our best to satisfy the requirements of our customers. We are considered that the business of our clients, pleased with qualified technical specialists and support, will always be a success!

However, today the activity of most services is under a constant threat of system and equipment unstability, attacks from the outside.

Network security today is based mainly on *nix-servers, the reliability of which under competent administration and optimal configuration does not raise doubts. First-rate companies build their branched networks on the basis of *nix-systems, which proved themselves.

In keeping all the principles of network security and security systems the leading role play efficiency of administrator's actions, his ability to evaluate a problem and solve it rationally in the shortest possible time. Exactly in that consists remote administartion of network systems - a specialist is always within striking distance for the customer, and all the emergent problems are solved undertime.

Capsida.Net company is ready to help the customer in his attempt to step into the world of unlimited opportunities of modern Internet technologies, which connect people and aid in making the right decision.

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